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How Gamepads Can Change Your Gaming Lifestyle?

Last update: Oct 2, 2020

How Gamepads Can Change Your Gaming Lifestyle

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing on your mobile devices or computer, it can be hard to control your game with a keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen.

Imagine playing Aladdin or Contra, old but gold games. Here comes the problematic side, which is how to control the game and progress smoothly. This can be a bit nervous if you’re not using a proper gamepad.

proper gamepadproper gamepad

Which gamepads to choose?

What are you planning to play? Or how are you going to play? The gamepads come with different options for connectivity. So, before delving into their types, it’s more about how you plan to enjoy.

Bluetooth gamepads

Tips on choosing Bluetooth gamepads

Here, you just simply connect your gamepad to your device via Bluetooth. Thus, before you buy one, check if your gadget supports Bluetooth. There are some crucial tips on choosing your device:

Bluetooth version

Speed and range of connectivity are factors contributing to smooth gaming. Thus, check if your gamepad and your device have a compatible Bluetooth version.

Mobile phone or computer

Nowadays, many devices are supported by mobile phones along with laptops. Yet, be sure you check all information, as sometimes your gamepad may be either only for mobile phones or computers.

Type of emulator

Gamepads differ in terms of use. For example, they have a different number of buttons. Take a Sony PlayStation and NES gamepads. The difference is remarkable. It’ll be hard to play a simple Mario with many buttons on your gamepad.

Benefits of Bluetooth gamepads

As you know how to choose your Bluetooth gamepad, get to know some benefits of such joypads.

Wireless gaming

Cables and wires around your desktop give a negative outlook. Yet, with the advent of wireless technology, this made everything look better. The same is for gamepads. With wireless gamepads, it’s always convenient.

Less troublesome

Take your gamepad and turn it on. That’s all, and you’re ready to play your favorite game. No matter what you’re playing, you start it without delay.

Easy installation

Generally, gamepads with Bluetooth support don’t require you to install drivers. But with other types, it’s not always like this. Again, Bluetooth grants convenience.

Types of Bluetooth gamepads

Shopping time is nice if you know which gamepad to buy. You can buy it online or just visit some places in your city. Gamers are everywhere, and thus, it’s not challenging to find your gamepad. Yet, complicated stuff can be a gamepad choice. Find out what you can buy.

8 Bitdo SN30 Pro and Pro+

Have you played Super Nintendo? The design is almost the same as with this emulator’s controller.

Super Nintendo

BEBONOOI Mobile Game Controller

Although it’s not for a notebook or computer, this gamepad is still excellent for mobile gamers. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS.


USB gamepads

Tips on choosing USB gamepads

Another type of connectivity you may prefer is a USB gamepad. With the long enough cable, you get a gamepad that connects to your computer or laptop. But, there’s no mobile option for that.


Since you have a laptop or computer option, you better check your gamepad’s compatibility. You can be either a Windows or Mac user. Thus, be sure you’re buying a proper one since not all USB gamepads are universal.

PC or Console

One of the problems with USB gamepads can be gamepads aimed for consoles rather than PCs. Thus, always check this before acquiring one.

Benefits of USB gamepads

When wireless options are so popular, you may doubt the benefits of USB ones. Which one is better isn’t so easy to answer. Yet, USB gamepads have their perks.

No battery challenges

How long you play determines your choice. If you spend long hours playing, USB gamepads should be your pick, as they don’t need to be charged again and again.

Airplane mode

If you’re tired of notifications and messages coming, just turn on the Airplane or Flight mode which turns off the internet and Bluetooth. Here, only the USB option will save you as a last resort.

Lower price

Besides being practical, USB gamepads are cheap. You can even find one gamepad for less than $10.

Types of USB gamepads

Myriads of choices are at your service. USB gamepads are quite popular among players and come at reasonable prices. Yet, among them, the following stand out given their price and quality.

8 Bitdo SN30 Pro and Pro+

As in Bluetooth, they’re available in the USB option as well. Simply connect to your computer and no need to download any driver. It comes with a Rumble Vibration feature making your game experience better.

Types of USB gamepads

Logitech Gamepad F310

Solid gamepad for long use with a simple design. In total, this has 11 buttons, like the Sony PlayStation gamepad.

Logitech Gamepad

Retro style gamepads

An exciting trade to play old games with emulators with retro gamepads. Back to the past to feel that again. What can be better than playing your NES or Sega Genesis games? The option can be both USB and Bluetooth gamepads.

8 Bitdo NES controller

Four buttons on the right remind me of the old days. Also, at the center, there are two famous buttons like Start and Select. Finally, on the left, you get the direction buttons. Ten buttons are what you get with a simple gamepad to play on the NES emulator.

NES controller

Retro-Bit Genesis Drive Controller

Mortal Kombat, Quackshot, Street Fighter, and so on. These are games played on Sega Genesis. Here, you get 6 buttons on the right and one button at the center. The buttons on the right are A, B, C, X, Y, Z. If you still love making brutality or fatality playing Mortal Kombat, this choice is for you.

Genesis Drive Controller

Tips on buying a decent gamepad

No matter which gamepad you’re buying, the quality matters. What you buy should last long enough. Still, if you’re unlucky to come across something terrible or of low standard, you may be disappointed with the quality of your gamepad.

Watch the review online

Almost every gamepad has a review online with a video available. If you’re not keen on reading, find a video and watch about your prospective gamepad.

Use reliable stores

Find your gamepad in reliable and trustworthy places having reviews on their goods. This is important when it comes to buying online.

Buy an X-Box or PS3 controllers

Despite some difficulties, these gamepads can be installed on computers. What’s more, some mobile devices of Apple and Android support such gamepads. Online, you’ll find info on how you can install them.

Buy an X-BoxBuy an X-Box

Think of buying Arcade Deck Controllers

Arcade games are popular retro games. iOS users know that Apple has introduced arcade to its users. Yet, to feel the real feeling of playing retro games, having arcade deck controllers may be much better. However, arcade gamepads tend to be a bit expensive.

Arcade Deck Controllers

Problems you may have with gamepads

Nothing is flawless unless you’re playing Mortal Kombat. Problems may occur, but don’t panic. Try to find a solution, and sometimes troubleshooting can be so simple.

The gamepad doesn’t work

This main problem you may face happens quite often among Windows users, as there are so many updates and glitches. You can do the following:

  • update drivers
  • restart Windows
  • reinstall your gamepad
  • check compatibility

Gamepad buttons don’t work properly

Sometimes buttons don’t respond when you push them or function poorly. For example, you push the button Start, but it works as a Select button. So, do the following:

  • reinstall drivers
  • check emulator settings of the control
  • restart Windows
  • check if this emulator supports your gamepad

Gamepads work only with some games

If you have several emulators, it may happen that not all games can be compatible with gamepads. Thus, make sure you’re using a proper one.

  • restart or replug your device
  • check the emulator and its settings of the control

Watching videos can be useful

Almost all types of troubleshooting are found on the web. Type in your problem and find a video explaining the solution to your problem if the tips above don’t work.


Games of our past are always fun to play even if many aren’t with the best graphics or 3D. However, the pleasure of nostalgia they give is incredible. Thus, gamepads, along with emulators, will be an excellent start for you. Find your best gamepad, install it, download the games, and start your ‘Back To Future.’

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