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Bliss OS: The Versatile and Compatible Android Emulator for Gaming

Last update: Sep 11, 2023

Bliss OS

Bliss OS has made significant progress since its initial introduction and is now considered one of the top Android emulators available. It offers three different usage options to cater to varying preferences. The first option is a live boot feature where it runs directly from a flash drive. The second option involves installing it as a partition on your PC, allowing for direct booting into Bliss OS. The third option is to install it via a virtual machine, although the website provides additional installation choices. For most users, we recommend using the flash drive or full boot method.

Currently, there are two versions available: one based on Android 11 and another on Android 12L. This places it ahead of other Android emulators on the list in terms of operating system compatibility. Consequently, you should be able to play most, if not all, of the latest games and applications.

In essence, if you can navigate through the installation process, Bliss offers considerable versatility. While it may have occasional bugs, it generally performs well. It may lack some gamer-centric features found in competitors like Nox or Bluestacks, but we don't believe this to be a major drawback. Additionally, Bliss can optionally come with Google apps if desired. A significant advantage is that Bliss is free and open-source, which adds to its appeal.

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