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Denuvo Introduces Protection for Nintendo Switch Emulators to Combat Piracy

Last update: Sep 5, 2023


Denuvo, a prominent security software company, has recently made an exciting announcement: its protection technology is now accessible to Switch game developers. By becoming the first security partner to join the Nintendo Developer Portal, Denuvo grants developers access to valuable tools and documentation for Switch game development. One of the standout tools offered by Denuvo is the Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection, specifically designed to combat piracy on the Switch platform. This technology effectively prevents unauthorized PC emulators from running Switch games, ensuring that players must purchase legitimate copies. This is particularly crucial during the game launch window, which plays a significant role in generating revenue.

Nintendo has been actively working to prevent Switch emulation on PC for some time. In May, the company issued multiple DMCA takedown requests to remove Lockpick, a homebrew tool allowing players to play Switch games on emulators. While there are arguments that using Lockpick to create personal backups is legal, Nintendo disputes this claim. Downloading someone else's encryption key for pirated games is often a necessary step in playing unauthorized Nintendo Switch games. The introduction of Denuvo's Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection represents a significant stride in the ongoing battle against piracy on the platform. Seamlessly integrated into the game development process, this technology inserts checks into the code that effectively block gameplay on emulators, without impacting the overall gaming experience.

By collaborating with Denuvo, Nintendo provides Switch game developers with an effective means to safeguard their creations against piracy. This move not only protects the intellectual property, but also ensures that players who enjoy Switch games do so through legitimate channels, ultimately supporting the developers' hard work and creativity. Denuvo's proven track record in combating piracy, combined with their expertise in security solutions, makes them a valued partner in Nintendo's ongoing efforts to uphold the integrity of the Switch platform.

Recently, hacker Gary Bowser, a member of Team-Xecuter, was released from prison before completing his full sentence. Team-Xecuter was known for developing and selling devices that allowed users to play illegal ROMs on various gaming consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. As part of his punishment, Bowser has been ordered to pay $14.5 million in damages, with $10 million specifically designated as a priority payment to Nintendo.

However, with the introduction of Denuvo's innovative protection technology, developers working on the Nintendo Switch can now focus on creating and releasing games without the worry of unauthorized emulation. This advancement ensures that legitimate copies of games are safeguarded and supports a thriving gaming ecosystem. Both developers and players stand to benefit from these measures, as it helps maintain the integrity of the gaming industry.

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