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How to Play Your Favorite Retro Games on Your PC with an Emulator?

Last update: Sep 24, 2020

play Retro Games on PC

Sweet memories of playing games

Throughout the time, consoles were developed and modernised to fit with the technical progress and latest developments. Nowadays, it is pretty easy to download games on your laptops or computers and enjoy those. However, it is not so easy to download an old-school game and play it that instant. Before that, you have to go through a little process of downloading an emulator. But that’s alright because you will get to play those cool games you have played as a child in the end. We bet you have a lot of wonderful memories on that matter.

Almost every old-school game was transferred from the cartridges to the ROMs and further stored somewhere on the Internet. ROMs Games cannot be accessed without a suitable emulator on your electronic device. Keep in mind, all emulators and ROMs Games have to be kept on your PC directly. Otherwise, if you keep the programs on the external hard drive, it will not work. It means that the program has to be installed on the computer. Now, let’s talk about these emulators for your computers.


On custom-roms.com you can find every emulator existing for every console ever produced. All you have to do is browse around and find the one fitting your needs.

Let’s figure out the whole process:

  1. First of all, you have to know which software your computer runs with. Is it Windows? May be Mac OS? What about Linux?
  2. Once you establish that, you have to search the list of the emulators made for that exact console and suitable with your computer software.
  3. Download that emulator. Find the file in the downloads on your computer and set it up. Without it, you will not be able to access and even open the game.
  4. Once the emulator is established and running, search the custom-roms.com for the ROMs Games you want to play.
  5. Make sure they are compatible with the emulator you already have. All the necessary information will be written in the description to the game, so you will be able to acknowledge it. And now download the game.
  6. Once the download is completed, open the file and setup the game.
  7. You may be asked to open it using the emulator, do so.
  8. Now you are actually in! It is working! Enjoy the games and come back for the future updates.

Go back to your past with present technologies!

It is entirely possible in this modern world to return to the ancient gaming. Are you a big fan of Nintendo consoles? Or may be Sega or Atari? We bet some people still have those, but there is a possibility that those consoles are not working any more, it has been so long.

On the other positive note, you don’t need to buy old consoles and look for old plug-in cartridges to play those games. Everything is done for us, 21st century people! We have new technologies, new resources, and new IT geniuses. The only thing you have to do is have your laptop, computer, mobile phone, or tablet, and you are in. The simple task of installing emulators and ROMs Games is a tiny step in comparison to what people had to do 20 years ago.

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