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Rumor: Sony Planning to Upgrade PS2 Emulator for PS5 and PS4 Consoles

Last update: Sep 5, 2023


Sony is reportedly considering an upgrade to its PS2 emulator for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles, which may be an effort to regain the favor of long-time subscribers following recent price increases for PS Plus. The previous PS2 emulator for the PS4 faced criticism due to performance issues and a lack of features, leading Sony to discontinue support for it. However, popular PlayStation YouTuber Mystic has claimed that a new emulator is in development for both the PS5 and PS4. While specific details were not provided, Mystic's credibility is backed by a track record of reliable information, giving weight to the rumor.

Sony has already shown its commitment to bringing back content from its archives by developing PS1 and PSP emulators with features such as support for multiple regions, save states, and rewinds. This suggests that the company may now target the PS2 for preservation and availability on the PS Store. If the rumor turns out to be true, this upgrade would mean more classic content becoming accessible on the PS Store, which would be welcomed by enthusiasts looking to relive nostalgic gaming experiences. 

With the increasing cost of PS Plus Premium subscriptions, Sony will need to provide compelling content to justify the higher price point. Enhancing the PS2 emulator would not only address the previous shortcomings but also offer a valuable addition to the subscription service, giving subscribers more value for their money.

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